Chuck Brown, a spokesperson for Cooke Aquaculture, said that his company is very proud of its newest hatchery in Swanger Cove. “This facility will make our Newfoundland operations a little more self-sufficient,” Brown said, “in that we will be able to able to stock our Newfoundland farms with fish raised in this province.” The Coaster reports that the Swanger Cove Hatchery is 38,000 square feet and uses modern, efficient recirculation technology, which means that 98 percent of the waste will be reused. The hatchery’s filtration systems will clear solids and gases from the water so it can be pumped back into the tanks, minimizing the use of incoming fresh water. “All of our fish from Swanger Cove will go to our marine sites in the Coast of Bays. By gaining control over our juvenile stock in hatcheries that in close proximity to our farms, we will have more control over our entire chain of production in Newfoundland.” Brown said, “The establishment of the hatchery in St. Alban’s/Swanger Cove, and renovation of Daniel’ s Harbour, are part of Cooke’s overall commitment to building the aquaculture sector in Newfoundland.

Source: The Coaster