Provincial Liberal leader Yvonne Jones wasn’t a fan of the government’s announcement this week that it plans to develop a common marketing strategy for elements of the province’s fishery. “Mr. Jackman says the provincial government will ‘explore options’ to market seafood and help seafood companies find ways to hold onto inventory until they can get a better price, but the big condition is that the federal government has to provide the money,” she said in a release. “There’s no reason Mr. Jackman has to wait for Ottawa to come on board to improve this province’s marketing effort. And there’s no reason we have to wait for Ottawa to pony up money to help seafood companies obtain better levels of inventory financing.” Jones said the government should embark upon an international campaign to promote high quality Newfoundland and Labrador seafood. “Like Iceland and Alaska, just saying ‘Newfoundland and Labrador’ should conjure an image of delicious, high quality seafood,” said Jones. “Clyde Jackman doesn’t need Ottawa’s permission or financial support to promote that.”