Libyan students at Memorial University in St. John’s are planning on holding a stand of solidarity today (Thursday) to make it known they want change in their homeland. It will take place at Memorial University in front of the clock tower starting at 11:30 am. One student, who didn’t identify herself for fear of reprisals, said, “We want to have democracy. We want to have our freedom to say something or do something — not by your will and not by your order. So its time for [Moammar Gadhafi] to go.” Another anonymous Libyan student said, “Because we know Gadhafi and we know how he is thinking. He used and he is still using different kinds of weapons. Even the war weapons he used [Wednesday]…and I’m sure if he gets a chance he will use them again.” There are about a dozen Libyans studying at MUN under a program paid for by the Libyan government. They fear by speaking out and using their names they might jeopardize the safety of family members in Libya, and say the consequences have already been seen. “He punished them and he’s not only punished them, but he’s also punished their families. They hang them. He can do anything. He doesn’t respect the human rights,” said one student.