St. John’s is closer to getting a whole lot bigger. The CBC is reporting that very little opposition was voiced at a St. John’s public hearing Tuesday night on opening up two massive blocks of land to development. The blocks of land in questions are “Danny-Land” in the Southlands region of the city bordering Mount Pearl, and the land off Kenmount Road near the Kelsey Drive business park. “We have been seeking locations for our retailers in the west for years and they are very excited about the Southlands development,” said Kevin King, president of the real estate company KMK Capital. In order for development to go ahead, the province must allow land to be developed over the 190-metre contour level. Is planning in large chunks better than the piecemeal approach the city has been following up until now? What planning best-practices should these developments be forced to adhere to in order to improve our city? Let us know.

Source: CBC