The NunatuKavut Metis Nation are planning to meet with a lawyer today to seek an injunction to stop hearings into the Lower Churchill hydroelectric development. Chris Montague, their leader, said the group expects to file an injunction against Nalcor, the provincial environmental department, and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency today or tomorrow. The NunatuKavut Metis Nation said, back in December, that unless the hydro power project is given a land claim agreement, it will go nowhere. Formerly known as the Labrador Métis Nation, their group hasn’t been recognized by the province. Premier Kathy Dunderdale said Thursday, “Our established policy is that we negotiate [benefit agreements] with groups that have established land claims.” The group’s claim is currently before the federal government. If Ottawa does grant official recognition, Dunderdale said the province would sit down with NunatuKavut negotiators. Until then, they are proceeding with the project as planned.