Newfoundland students awesome at recycling cell-phones

For the second year in a row, schools in Newfoundland and Labrador have led the Canada in the national Recycle My Cell School Challenge. The Recycle My Cell Challenge was launched in partnership with the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) this past October as part of the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board’s (MMSB) Waste Reduction Week campaign, and the winner this year was Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Corner Brook, which took the trophy both provincially and nationally. Approximately 96 per cent of the materials in an average cell phone are recyclable, but only seven per cent are currently recycled. The cell phones collected as part of this challenge will be dismantled and the materials will be used to produce new mobile devices and a variety of other items.

In related news, you don’t have to be a student to recycle your cell phone – and in fact you can recycle old technology of all kinds as a fundraiser for your favourite cause. Click here to learn more from David Suzuki.

Source: Government of NL

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