A piece of steel from the twin towers in New York City will be donated to the people of Gander thanks to a fire station on Long Island. “I just wanted to thank the people of Gander for their kindness and generosity,” said Mike Fenster, a high school teacher from Bethpage, New York, who helped to organize the move. Fenster said he was motivated to do something after he saw an NBC documentary about Gander’s response, and then learned how the small airport town and neighbouring communities took in more than 6,500 passengers who were forced to land when U.S. airspace was suddenly closed.”I felt that it was important to do something extremely significant and to provide a gift, something thanking the wonderful people of Gander.” “We can look at this piece as we saw the worst of mankind, and we also saw the best of it from New York to Gander, Newfoundland,” said Gander Mayor Claude Elliott.