Quebec is looking into the possibility of a tunnel that would run about 15 kilometres between Blanc-Sablon, on their Lower North Shore, and Newfoundland (St. Barbe to be exact). Quebec’s transport minister recently approved the provincially-funded study to look at what effects an underground link across the Straight of Belle Isle would have socially and economically. Back in 2005, a consultant’s study reported a link was feasible, but would cost about $1.7 billion. For the residents in Blanc-Sablon, their mayor feels it’s the only chance they have left to survive on the North Shore. They rely heavily on exports from Newfoundland, and the existing ferry trip takes about 12 hours. Major highway work would have to be done for the project to make sense, but the long-term savings potential could still make it happen. Time will tell if one day we can drive right out of Newfoundland.