St. John’s ‘Casserole’ protests enter sixth week

What initially began as an act of solidarity with the Québec student protesters has turned into a weekly march through St. John’s downtown core to protest more than increased tuition fees.

A post in the “Casseroles Night in St. John’s” Facebook group reads:

Show disapproval for Québec’s Law 78, which restricts Canadians’ civil liberties. Let those in power know that Canadians are paying attention! We will stand in solidarity with the students of Québec, but this is about much more. This is a stand against Harper: cuts to DFO and the fisheries, the “in and out” scandal, lying about voter suppression, the F-35 debacle, muzzling scientists, opposition to environmental groups, union breaking, the tar sands, cuts to refugee healthcare, Bill C-10 (the Omnibus crime bill ( currently being criticized by the Supreme Court of Canada), C38, social injustice, neoliberalism, … and Dunderdale’s Law 29.

Citizens wishing to join the march in protest of these and other issues are gathering at Harbourside Park on Water Street at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 4.

Citizens protesting a host of issues, including Québec's Bill 78 and Newfoundland and Labrador's Bill 29, march down Water Street June 22. - Justin Brake photo

“Bring your pots and pans, and something to hit them with!” reads a post on Occupy Newfoundland’s web site. “Wear a red square (and not just to this demonstration!)  Make a placard. Clang your way down to Harbourside Park to meet at 8:00 p.m. Hopefully, the noise will attract others to join in! People of all ages are welcome!”

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