The St. John’s Board of Trade held a debate last night on fiscal policy and the economic future of Newfoundland and Labrador. In attendance were Tom Marshall for the PCs, Danny Dumaresque for the PCs, and Lorraine Michael for the NDP. Dumaresque spent his time attacking the PCs on the Muskrat Falls deal: “There’s no way that we can go and build this kind of monster and have the responsibility of repaying it for the foreseeable revenues that we have. It’s just impossible.” Michael attacked the PCs on transparency: “$348 million passed over to Nalcor and we don’t get an accounting of how that $348 million [is spent], we have to take their word.” Marshall defended Nalcor and its Muskrat Falls project: “Hydro, once it gets going, will provide us with revenue as along as the river flows to the sea.” An interesting response from Dumaresque to a question regarding a call from the City of St. John’s to re-arrange their fiscal agreements: “I would have to say to the mayor of this great city that there are a hell of a lot more priorities outside the overpass that need to be addressed before we start forking more money over to the City of St. John’s.” All in all the speakers kept to the script… but would that be the case for the health care debate?

Source: CBC