Youth are spending in average of almost 8 hours a day in front of tv’s, video games, cell phones and the internet. It’s leading to huge health issues, so much so that this generation of youth is predicted not to outlive their parent’s generation.

Take Me Outside couldn’t agree more that people should get outside every day… so it’s kind of sad that we have to promote a day like this. But there are hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals who care about the health of future generations.

If you believe that getting out is good for you – good for your health, good for your soul, please join us! And invite as many others as you want!

Take Me Outside Day happens Oct. 25. And all you have to do is spend some time outside!

Last year, Colin Harris, founder and director of Take Me Outside, ran across Canada – 7600 km (the equivalent of 181 marathons) over 9 months. During the run, he went into about 80 schools and chatted with nearly 20,000 students about finding better balance between the increasing amount of time we’re spending in front of screens and the decreasing time we’re spending outside. He finished his run on Oct 25th, dipping his toe into the Pacific Ocean. On this day, 15,000 students across Canada went outside, not only to celebrate the end of his run, but to help raise awareness about the importance of getting out.

From Take Me Outside’s Facebook page.