According to sources from The Telegram, a group of Newfoundland railway enthusiasts are hoping to revive the Trinity Loop. The Heritage Newfoundland website records that the loop was originally created because of the many hills around the Trinity/Bonavista Bay region; a direct route through would have been too steep for trains to climb, and so a loop was created a circular pond that would allow trains to descend gradually. It was the only railway loop of its kind in North America.

Even after the railway in Newfoundland was dismantled, the loop operated and survived as a tourist attraction until 2004, when it was closed due to dwindling attendance and the deterioration of the tracks. The Telegram reports that the government is waiting for the applicant to provide a business plan or proposal for the amusement park’s revival, which must be submitted to the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation. Read the article via the link below, and in the meantime view a fun video about the Loop here.

Source: The Telegram