As signs have already started to appear on streets and lawns, the 2011 provincial election has officially begun. This race will not be short of interesting stories: Will Kathy Dunderdale become only the 2nd woman in history to lead a provincial party to election victory? Will the Liberals’ last minute switch to Kevin Aylward alter the party’s standings in the next House of Assembly? Or will Lorraine Michael ride the wave of NDP momentum to new heights in NL?

Check back often with The Independent for unique coverage of the election. Meanwhile for information regarding what riding you reside in, how and when you can vote, and more visit the Elections Newfoundland and Labrador website here. The vote will take place on October 11.

Check out the party websites to get started.
PC Party (Kathy Dunderdale)
Liberal Party (Kevin Aylward)
NDP Party (Lorraine Michael)