One starry-eyed kid from Fortune is finding fame and making some solid impressions on Home and Garden Television’s (HGTV) The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price.

Price caught his first break in 2006 with HGTV’s Designer Superstar Challenge. From that show, he was offered his own, and was also occasionally featured in segments on CBC’s Living Newfoundland and Labrador with then-host Krysta Rudofsky.

“It was a great opportunity which allowed me to become more comfortable in front of the camera before I started to shoot the first season of my show,” he says.

The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price follows Price as he strives to reach his dreams as a professional designer. Each episode faces him head-on with a different challenge, from cake decorating, to bathroom makeovers, to eco-design and more.

Price answered a few questions on what is truly important in design, and in life.


How did you first become interested in design?

From a very young age, my mother would always involve me in her home decorating projects and I enjoyed that very much. I never knew that a design industry even existed until I moved to St. John’s for university. It was then that I got my first break, a part-time position with Eric White at Beyond Design. It was then that I realized I certainly had a flare for decorating and a career in it was possible.

Your show is about accomplishing your decorating dreams…how close would you say you are? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far, and what are your hopes for the future?

I’m getting closer every day! I still have a lot to learn but I feel that I’m now discovering my design style and that people will recognize it as they see it. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not be afraid to make mistakes. It is from our mistakes that we learn the most valuable lessons. My hope for the future is to have a long and successful career in design/decorating, but it’s not about money for me, it’s about doing what I love.

Any tips for those about to embark on, say, a very large home reno or new home construction and are feeling intimidated about where to start when it comes to cabinets, floor, paint, styles, etc.?

Look through magazines, watch some decorating shows, and try to figure out what you like. Then find a starting point. Come up with a colour scheme that will compliment the floor, then your furniture, fixtures, etc. Every decorating project is different, just try not to be overwhelmed and take it one step at a time. If you are really unsure, then ask a professional!

What are your favourite design styles, and do you think people’s personalities play a part in their own design styles?

I always decorate with personality in mind. You really have to make it your own. I don’t have a favourite style, I mix and match for myself.

What do you strive to do in your life and your work? Any quotes you live by?

My friends and family are most important to me. Then it’s my career. I hope to be an inspiration to anyone who has a dream. Just go for it, reach for the stars, and be excited about where you just might end up. I have my own quote – “If I inspired one person, it was worth every minute.”

The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price can be seen on HGTV on Sundays at 11 p.m. and Wednesdays at 10 p.m.