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The opportunity to open Focal Point Gallery and Printing (116 Duckworth Street) fell into Adam Cryderman’s lap fourteen months ago.

“It was just too good to pass up,” says Cryderman.

The St. John’s-based photographer was showcasing his work at a smaller space merely a few doors down when the location became available and though Cryderman was not actively looking for new digs, he jumped at the chance to expand and cut out the middle man. Before acquiring and opening Focal Point Gallery and Printing, Cryderman was printing his work out of house and encountering numerous problems.

“Basically it came about because I had been doing a bunch of photography and the kind of stuff that I wanted to do — this kind of stuff on canvas and large format — I’d found a couple places to do it but they weren’t really doing it the way I wanted it. I had a lot of problems with it,” says Cryderman.

The initial investment was primarily in the 350-pound-plus printer which presented a challenge when it came to getting it into the second level workspace under human power. Thankfully, Canon supplied a hydraulic-powered, industrial, stair-climbing machine that took care of the issue. Now Cryderman prints all of his work in-house allowing for additional freedom when considering how he’d like his work to evolve.

“It’s totally opened up a billion different directions that I could go in and now it’s a matter of figuring out what I want to focus on,” Cryderman said.

It also allows his business to serve two entirely different functions. The street-level gallery functions as a showroom for Cyrderman’s own work as well as a number of other photographers including Justin Hall and Sasha Okshevsky. Cryderman would like to see the gallery space evolve into an exhibition area for local photographers.

“Gallery-wise I would like to see it become a showcase for local talent and local photography right across the board. Ideally, I’d like to be able to get enough people interested that sort of shared the same kind of aesthetic, in terms of Newfoundland photography, that doesn’t fit the old school, conventional look.”

The second-level print shop/studio, aside from being Cryderman’s personal printing source, does a great deal of custom printing of reproductive and archival work. Cryderman is focusing on balancing the growth of both facets of his business.

Cryderman says his favourite aspect of the space is its open concept. The scale of the space allows him to print, prepare and stretch canvases while still being large enough to allow for numerous projects in numerous stages.

Another aspect Cryderman loves about his workspace is an unobstructed view of the Narrows. The natural light available and the abundance of wall space make it an ideal workspace for photography.

For more information concerning Focal Point Gallery and Printing please feel free to contact Adam Cryderman at [email protected]. Check out Adam’s work online or just swing by the galley at 116 Duckworth Street.

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