Catch Russell Crowe at the LSPU Hall

Russell Crowe’s well-documented affinity for our province continues this Summer as the Oscar-winning actor is playing two musical shows at the LSPU Hall on August 3rd and 4th. Crowe is also a musician, and a good friend of Great Big Sea frontman – and St. John’s citizen – Alan Doyle. The two have worked together for several years on musical projects, and last year, Doyle had a supporting role in Crowe’s Hollywood summer blockbuster film, “Robin Hood.” In 2005, Crowe paid a surprise visit to St. John’s and played at O’Reilly’s Pub with Doyle. Tickets for Crowe’s show, called “The Indoor Garden Party Presented by Russell Crowe and Alan Doyle,” will go on sale July 8 at the Resource Centre for the Arts box office.

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