A technical snag gave thousands of Memorial University students and alumni reason to scratch their heads last week.

On March 8, about 11,000 former and current distance education students mistakenly received an email saying, “You have been enrolled in Memorial University of Newfoundland.” The message prompted them to log in to their Memorial @ Home accounts. The login page now tells those who received the message to ignore it.

Ivan Muzychka, associate director (communications), said an error was made by someone working in the Distance Education and Learning Technologies database.

“They inadvertently clicked a box in a particular program that then generated a message that went out, and started to send a message to anybody who had taken a distance education course, or anybody that was registered with our distance education unit.”

The mistake was quickly caught by MUN’s Computing and Communications department.

MUN  has not received complaints or queries about the matter, to Muzychka’s knowledge. He said the university working to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“We obviously apologize to anybody who may have been confused or troubled by the message,” Muzychka said.