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With the 2021 federal & municipal elections happening at the same time, Newfoundland & Labrador needs independent journalism more than ever.

Well—once again, it’s campaign season in Newfoundland and Labrador.

It’s been less than six months since the end of our chaotic provincial pandemic election last winter. Now, we’ve got two concurrent COVID-era campaigns coming up: a federal election scheduled for September 20, and municipal elections slated for September 28. That’s right—NL voters are hitting an election hat trick for 2021.

At no time is journalism more important than during an election, when voters need to be informed about the choices they are called to make. Those choices have significant consequences. Since Andrew Furey and the Liberals were elected in March, they have been pursuing sweeping changes to how the province operates: from the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team report, to slashing Memorial University’s operating grant, to a half-billion dollar bailout for the Terra Nova oilfield, to the provisional deal on Muskrat Falls rate mitigation with the federal government (that happened without the Innu at the bargaining table).


This September, voters in this province will be called on to ratify (or reject) Justin Trudeau’s handling of the pandemic, the Liberal vision for a regional “Atlantic Loop” hydroelectric megaproject and how Canada will navigate a challenging new decade. Voters will also be asked to decide municipal elections across the province that will shape how our towns and cities recover from COVID-19, plan for the climate emergency, and build the communities we want to live in.

Will you stand with us?

Your support is essential to making journalism like this possible.

Given the scope and significance of the issues these elections will be fought over, Newfoundland and Labrador needs vigorous independent journalism more than ever.

As the only 100% community-powered journalism outlet in the province, The Indy is well-positioned to provide that coverage with your support. 

So, as we’re thrown into another snap election, we’re launching this snap fundraising drive to fund this important work. 

We’re looking to raise $15,000—and secure 25 new monthly supporters—so that we can:

  • Pay Elizabeth Whitten and Hope Jamieson to cover the 2021 St. John’s city election
  • Pay Justin Brake to cover the federal campaign trail with an eye to developments in Labrador, Indigenous affairs and climate change
  • Expand our editorial budget and pay our freelance contributors for their work
  • Allow me to more effectively provide the observation, analysis and commentary you need to clarify public affairs in Newfoundland and Labrador

The Indy is sustained by one-time donations and currently 275 regular monthly donors. We’ve accomplished incredible things this year thanks to your generous support. We’ve launched a beautiful new website, started expanding our Board of Directors, started hiring new staff and—by the end of September—will have covered three pandemic elections across every level of government. 

Our team is ready to go—join us with a contribution.

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