“It was our people that gave this province its right to the interior of Labrador,” spoke Chris Montague, President of the NunatuKavut Community Council at a media briefing in St. John’s today.

“If we were not there we wouldn’t be dealing with the province right now, we’d be dealing with Hydro Quebec on these issues.”

Montague stood in the foreground of a projected map of Labrador to discuss why the council wants environmental assessment hearings on the proposed Lower Churchill hydroelectric generation project to be halted.

The council, which serves the largest Aboriginal group in Labrador, submitted an application to the Supreme Court of N.L. on March 1 for an interlocutory injunction aimed at stopping the Joint Review Panel from proceeding with the hearings.

“Our concern is that the rights of Labradorians are not being adequately addressed through the review process,” said Montague, who believes the public hearing process is being railroaded ahead so Nalcor can start construction on Muskrat Falls sooner than later.

“We’re not asking to stop anything or trying to be an annoyance to people, or play games. This is very serious business and we want meaningful dialogue with this province.”

TheIndependent.ca is waiting on a response from Nalcor as well as Environment and Conservation Minister Ross Wiseman. Check back for updates.