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A popular dessert often found on the menu at The Lighthouse Picnic is a simple Strawberry & Rhubarb Fool and Jill Curran has been kind enough to share the recipe with us.

High above the rocky shore in the historic community of Ferryland, stands a bright red towering beacon beside a white clapboard lighthouse that has helped provide safe passage for mariners since 1870. Ferryland was first settled in 1621 by George Calvert, who later left for warmer climes, eventually founding the city of Baltimore. About an hour drive from St. John’s, the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland is now an amazing interpretive site and home to an active archeological dig on the site of the original 1621 settlement and a must-see for any visiting tourist.

Inaccessible by road, to get to the lighthouse, you must pass the Interpretive Centre for the Colony of Avalon, which houses thousands of artifacts from the dig. As you take a scenic stroll to the lighthouse, you are met with grassy hills surrounding the site and stunning views of the rugged Newfoundland coastline. It is here that you can sit and gaze out over the clear blue North Atlantic, watching waves and seabirds as well as humpback whales feeding near the shores.

As if the breathtaking beauty of this location was not enough, for the past 9 seasons, owner/operator Jill Curran has been dishing up fantastic gourmet picnics to visitors who now come as much for the food as the views. Some of the items on offer at The Lighthouse Picnic can include: Chutney-glazed ham & brie on lighthouse bread, warm gingerbread & custard sauce, curried chicken with mango and sliced almonds on lighthouse bread, peach shortcakes, orzo pepper and fresh mint salad, cranberry scones and much more. Is it any wonder that accolades for this transcendent picnic experience continue at an unabated pace including:

  • Listed in Where to Eat in Canada Guide every year since 2004.
  • Listed in EnRoute Magazine’s 100 favourite things in the world!
  • 2010 Canadian Living Magazine listed as #1 picnic place in Canada

Ferryland and The Lighthouse Picnic are truly special experiences not to be missed by anyone who gets the opportunity.

The Lighthouse Picnic

A popular dessert often found on the menu at The Lighthouse Picnic is a simple Strawberry & Rhubarb Fool and Jill has been kind enough to share the recipe with us.

Strawberry & Rhubarb Fool

“This dessert couldn’t be easier or couldn’t be any tastier!” Jill Curran.

1 lb rhubarb

½ lb sugar

¾ lb strawberries

10 ounces of whipping cream

1.     Cut rhubarb into chunks & add to saucepan with sugar. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes over a gentle heat until soft. Be sure to stir often!

2.     Once cooked stir rhubarb to mash using a wooden spoon. Set aside to cool.

3.     Whip cream.

4.     Slice strawberries.

5.     Once rhubarb is cold, gently fold in the whipped cream & sliced strawberries.

6.     Keep dessert chilled until ready to serve.

7.     Serve with fresh mint

Check out Barry’s blog, Rock Recipes, for more.

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