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Expect No Favours: William Coaker and the Newfoundland Disaster (Pt. 1)

2014 marks the centenary of the Great War. In Newfoundland and Labrador it also marks the centenary of the founding of the International Grenfell Association in St. Anthony, and the ‘Newfoundland’ sealing disaster. This essay is on the latter event, and in particular the diary that President of the Fisherman’s Protective Union William Coaker kept while observing that year’s hunt from the steamship ‘Nascopie’.

Whose water is it, anyway? (Part 1)

We have exploited our freshwater supply in the name of industrial and resource development for more than a century, but are we moving toward relinquishing control over *how* and *why* we use our most valuable resource? Part 1 of ‘Whose water is it, anyway?’

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