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Mona'a Malik

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Vol. 1 Issue 2
Spring 2014

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

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The Slave-Girl Maybe she wore her hair in long charcoal tresses, fallen wisps tucked and re-tucked behind an ear when she was nervous. Maybe she walked alone in the desert when she wasn’t scouring clay pots, perspiring over fires, grinding her knees into the ground while brushing flecks of dirt from the entrance, her darkened skin peeling and burning in the Arabian sun. Morgiana Jade eyes wide and bright, boyish figure only now budding, slave to the poor woodcutter, Ali Baba. He was an honest man, they told her. As honest as the day was long, and the summer days felt very long in the dust and dry heat of the desert. Iftah ya Simsim! * Felling firewood, Ali Baba chanced upon the secret cave, heard the magic words. It was too much for poor Ali Baba. He took away the gold, and as many gems as he could hold.…

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