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Sarah Smellie

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COVID-19 Drives Increased Needs—and Help—for Homeless

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The money from the federal government will mean “we’re going to see our capacity extended beyond what we’ve ever seen in St. John’s.”

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“Stay Away:” Northern Communities Brace for Covid-19

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Last Wednesday, after a meeting with heads of government, health officials, police, and even the local fire department, Joe Dicker sat down and wrote a letter asking people to stay out of his town. The AngajukKak (or mayor) of Nain asked that anyone planning on coming to town—which sits on the north coast of Labrador in Nunatsiavut—to please consider the nature of their visit. If it wasn’t absolutely necessary, he asked that they “stay away.” The next day, the Nunatsiavut government issued its own directive, asking that all non-essential travel to and between Labrador’s Inuit communities be cancelled.  “Pandemics have had catastrophic impacts in Nunatsiavut in the past, and all efforts must be taken to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus to all Labrador Inuit communities,” the release said.  Nunatsiavut is under the same public health emergency as the rest of Newfoundland and Labrador, as officials scramble to…

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