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The Dwight Ball Exit Interview

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In his own words, Dwight Ball reflects on his resignation, achievements, and legacy as the 13th Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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“Pulling on the Same Oar”: Meet Labrador’s Unlikely Alliance

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Jordan Brown Lela Evans Newfoundland Labrador Progressive Conservative New Democratic Party

Political shakeups in the Big Land sent Lela Evans & Jordan Brown to the House of Assembly. Now they’re working across party lines to shine light on Labrador.

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“What is a Story For?”: Michelle Porter, Journalist-Poet

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Michelle Porter talks with the Indy about her debut book of poems, writing with purpose, journalism’s place in her poetry, & her favourite Métis literature.

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Berni Stapleton is Paving Her Own Path

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Memorial University’s new writer-in-residence talks about inclusive theatre, the power of the province’s past, and her pathbreaking career in the arts.

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“We Need Peace”: NL Kashmiris Await News of Loved Ones

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“It’s very important to emphasize that it seems like a political issue—and it is—but at its core, at its heart, what is resonating is humanitarianism.”

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‘Des Solitudes’ Asks Us to Step Outside Ourselves

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“It’s very difficult for some people to recognize that we all have a master, and we all have a slave. It’s something you cannot really talk about.”

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The Passion of Graydon Pelley

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Art by Sarah Brown

The 2019 Newfoundland and Labrador general election is a very strange beast. The province finds itself in the throes of existential crisis at the same as it is mired in a full-blown political depression. Nominations have finally closed for all parties, but only the governing Liberals are running a full slate of 40 candidates. The Tories are a close second with 39, while the NDP trail a distant third with 14 candidates. There are nine people running unaffiliated. As far as provincial politics goes, you could be forgiven for feeling like things are starting to circle the drain. But then there is the other weird feature of the 2019 NL election: there is a new option on the ballot. In November 2018, former NL Progressive Conservative party president Graydon Pelley announced that he was resigning from the Tories to form a new entity called the NL Alliance. The Alliance is,…

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