VIDEO: The most interesting people in Newfoundland | John Furlong

This week on TMIPIN, John Furlong steps away from ‘The Broadcast’ mic to sit down in front of our own Martin Connelly’s mic

John Furlong grew up in St. John’s, left early — and came back. He’s worked in the media his whole career and he’s hosted CBC Radio’s The Fisheries Broadcast for the last five years. This week marks the 60th anniversary of ‘The Broadcast’, the longest-running public affairs radio program in Canada, which seemed like the perfect time to introduce the man behind the microphone.

The Most Interesting People In Newfoundland is a series of video profiles — one that asks fascinating people to define themselves as individuals and as Newfoundlanders. Some will be familiar, others less so, but each has a story to tell.

Know someone we should talk to? Email martin@localhost.

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