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Report: FLR Complied with Disclosure Rules in Salmon Die-off

A mass die-off of salmon in fish pens on the south coast of Newfoundland made waves in news headlines last October. But yesterday, a report into public disclosure of information by the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources released by the province’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner clearing the Department of any wrong-doing, scarcely created a ripple. Gerry Byrne, the Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources summarized the report’s main finding yesterday in a series of tweets. “Appreciate having an Independent Officer of the Legislature confirm no basis for mandatory disclosure due to no evidence of health or environmental risk,” the Minister posted. He added: “In my own history as a parliamentarian, I have never experienced an oversight Office conclude an investigation by saying ‘no recommendations’ to offer or required as the situation was well handled.” Commissioner Michael Harvey’s report concludes “I do not have any recommendations to make… Keep Reading


In memory of James G. Learning (1938-2020)

Labrador flags are flying at half-mast all across the Big Land to mark the passing of Jim Learning, which is only right for a man who did so much to have those flags flying high in the first place. To the people of Labrador, Jim was something like a folk hero. To the people of Newfoundland, he was an enigma, calling for the independence of a territory that few imagined could be other than an appendage of the island. To the province’s politicians, he was a subversive, a source of constant irritation, a man of the people calling out injustice with a crystal-clear voice and putting them to shame. To the province’s activists and progressives, he had a stature and “cred” that few can aspire to. It was as an activist I first knew Jim. He played no small part in activating me. In 2011 and 2012, as the Muskrat… Keep Reading

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