5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Independent Journalism

During the holiday season and beyond…

Dear Reader,

The Independent’s Muskrat Falls coverage this fall was an example of the kind of journalism we would like to practice and produce on an ongoing basis.

We have consistently offered the people of Newfoundland and Labrador critical news coverage and insightful, thought-provoking commentary on some of the most pressing issues facing our province today.

In 2017 we will remain steadfastly committed to producing fiercely independent journalism, to going where the silence is, to speaking truth to power, and to upholding the public’s right to know.

But we need your help to grow and expand our operations. We need a grassroots movement behind us.

While much of the province’s newsmedia—many of them owned by corporate interests from outside Newfoundland and Labrador—continue laying off journalists, slashing newsroom budgets and merging or outright shutting down print and broadcasting outlets, we are heading in the opposite direction.

We recognize the plight of journalism in our province and country and are actively laying a solid foundation upon which we can build a sustainable independent media outlet that is supported by the people, for the people.

So, if you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your family member, friend or co-worker, here are…

5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Independent Journalism this Holiday Season

1. Our top priority is you, the reader, and the well-being of our province. Unlike the corporate media outlets that dominate our province’s news industry, we aren’t in the business of journalism for profit. When profit is the bottom line journalism often suffers, as it is now in N.L. and beyond.

Photo by Daniel Smith.
Thousands of people province-wide protested the Dwight Ball Government’s 2016 austerity budget. Photo by Daniel Smith.

2. We’re the only media outlet in N.L. to consistently produce critical analysis and coverage of the growing grassroots efforts to resist austerity and move our politics and economics beyond neoliberalism.

3. We provide critical, in-depth reporting on Indigenous issues, our Muskrat Falls coverage being the latest example.

4. We dig deeper. Instead of telling you that certain things are happening, we embrace our obligation as journalists to ask why. This is crucial in our collective search for solutions to our many social, political and economic problems.

5. We want to do more of this kind of journalism. We fully acknowledge that our current output is only a fraction of what we could be doing. More support from our readers will mean more and better journalism, including investigative work and a greater diversity of voices and perspectives.

Sign up to become an Independent monthly sustainer at FundTheIndy.com and you will have the option to gift your donation to another person. We will send them an email to tell them about their gift, and any rewards associated with the subscription will be mailed out to them in January.

Any questions related to our gift subscriptions can be sent to Dana at [email protected].

Thanks for your support — and happy holidays!

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Our goal is to raise $15,000 before the end of the year to solidify our plans for 2023. We need your support to keep producing this progressive, explanatory, and unique local journalism.


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