Opposite Day, long foretold, has finally arrived.

You have a long journey ahead of you—or is it behind you?—but fortunately you’re equipped with a map of our fine province. Given the circumstances, though, it’s less straightforward that you would expect. 

You could even say it’s downright backwards!

Can you figure out the real place name that corresponds to each clue below? 

For example:

Clue: Oldlostsea 

Answer: Newfoundland

Explanation: old -> new, lost -> found, land -> sea 

The route to the right answer might sometimes be a little more roundabout: 

Clue:  Parishioner’s Jumps

Answer: Bishop’s Falls

Explanation: bishop’s -> parishioner’s, jumps -> falls 


  1. Thorn Noir
  2. Specifically-Chosen Pond
  3. Airplanesea
  4. Stationary
  5. Bumpyjazz
  6. Wreckage
  7. Goose
  8. Lesser Jumps-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  9. Continuity Ponds
  10. Isthmus of Islands
  11. Valley Oyster
  12. Stem’s Point
  13. Terminates


Photo by Dean Hochman.

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Kirsten Morry is a lawyer and humourist from St. John's, and a recognized authority on hairstyles, royalty, and Animal Crossing (inasmuch as she was heavily quoted in a single Wall Street Journal article uniting all three of those topics). She appeared on the quiz show Jeopardy! in 2018.