Coves with strong breakfast preferences: Coffee Cove, Tea Cove, Butter Cove, Salmon Cove, Bacon Cove

Coves with a favourite cooking implement or method: Ladle Cove, Grates Cove, Burnt Cove, Fry’s Cove, Kettle Cove, Baker’s Cove

Coves belonging to people whose rank befits residence in a fairy-tale castle: King’s Cove, Queen’s Cove, Lord’s Cove, Lady Cove, Knights’ Cove, Coachman’s Cove 

Coves featuring constituent elements of that fairy-tale castle or its surrounding estate: Garden Cove, Chimney Cove, Lance Cove, Pool’s Cove

Monochromatic coves: Green Cove, Blue Cove, Red Cove 

Fashionable coves: Cape Cove, Shoe Cove, Diamond Cove, Gin Cove

Coves that are homesick for somewhere else: Portugal Cove, Portugal Cove South, Turks Cove, American Cove, Frenchman’s Cove

Coves that are rather alarming, to some people: Deadmans Cove, Tickle Cove, Dog Cove, Cat Cove, Bear Cove, Hatchet Cove, Red Head Cove

Coves that will soothe you after being alarmed: Comfort Cove, Doting Cove

Pairs of increasingly specific coves: 

  • Woody Cove -> Birchy Cove
  • Woody Cove -> Aspen Cove
  • Woody Cove -> Balsam Bud Cove
  • Shoal Cove -> Caplin Cove
  • Bird Cove -> Black Duck Cove
  • Island Cove -> Green Island Cove

Trio of increasingly specific coves:

  • Bird Cove -> Goose Cove -> Goose Cove East

Pairs of coves where one precedes the other, temporally speaking:

  • Ship Cove -> Wreck Cove
  • Flower’s Cove -> Gooseberry Cove

Coves belonging to one particular person: Arnold’s Cove, Sally’s Cove, Bobby’s Cove, Brent’s Cove, Dawson’s Cove, Patrick’s Cove, Archie Campbell’s Cove, St. Joseph’s Cove 

Coves belonging to a once-trendy toy: Furby’s Cove

Photo by Justin Brake.

Kirsten Morry writes an occasional trivia column for The Independent. She was the first Jeopardy! contestant to be introduced as hailing from Newfoundland and Labrador. Kirsten has also written for The Toast. Follow her on Twitter: @kirstenmorry

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Kirsten Morry is a lawyer and humourist from St. John's, and a recognized authority on hairstyles, royalty, and Animal Crossing (inasmuch as she was heavily quoted in a single Wall Street Journal article uniting all three of those topics). She appeared on the quiz show Jeopardy! in 2018.