Ten Microstories Told Through NL Place Names

Ten stories in ten sentences, and each one including five community names from Newfoundland and Labrador. Can you identify them all?

Each of the sentences below includes five names of communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. Some communities are big, some are small; some are hidden, some are more obvious. Can you identify them all?

  1. At the airport, Rex toned down his voice: “The king well knows the cook’s harbouring a spy: the point—may I finish?—is we have to hope Dale can keep a secret.”
  2. The Bishop’s falls in the meadows put an end to his happy adventure with Robert’s army, and so he branched off.
  3. “Stan hopes it’ll grow nicely, but daffodil doesn’t fare well near the red rocks,” sniffed Victoria.
  4. While the outport was no paradise, it became a pretty fair haven after workers at the port unionized, tilting the balance of power away from the old shopowners.
  5. Seldomly did North West brook her parents’ badgering, but she and her pet cow headed to the lawn for a photo.
  6. Could you come, by chance, to the Spanish room and take a gander at Jackson’s arm—he keeps saying it tickles.
  7. Arnold’s coveted fortune has been the envy of every grand banking family since his exploits in the open hall.
  8. She hears the ghost, and Rose blanches—the dead man’s baying (“Farewell!”) renews her heart’s desire for lost love.
  9. As a general strike roiled the colony, the colliers badgered Britannia: “Salvage our hermitages!”
  10. François a presque fait un grand bruit avec la scie quand il a vu la poile du loup.

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