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Robin Whitaker has 24 articles published.

“When we can bicycle, bicycle”

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Cycling is good for our health, the environment, the economy, and all the cool kids are doing it. So why the hold up in making St. John’s a bike-friendly city?

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Abortion in Canada: Good legal principles, bad political faith

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Legally speaking, we live in the world’s most liberal abortion regime. So why do so many women struggle for access to this basic health service?

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George Orwell’s Guide to Canadian Politics

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A critical analysis of the Harper government’s behavioural patterns reveals two possibilities: it’s either an enormous coincidence or the Conservative Party of Canada is staging its own production of 1984.

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The War of 2012

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This year’s War of 1812 commemorations may amount to nationalist pseudo-history, but don’t laugh too hard. They are part of a more serious campaign: Stephen Harper’s war on knowledge.

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