Robin Whitaker

In addition to sitting on the Board of the Independent, Robin Whitaker is an occasional columnist and has contributed on issues ranging from electoral reform to shared-use trails. In her day job, she works as an anthropologist at Memorial University and is active in her union, MUNFA, which she served as President from 2017-2019. She was elected the Canadian Association of University Teachers Executive in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Robin grew up in Portugal Cove and now lives in St. John’s. She can often be found on a bicycle.

Robin's Latest Articles

How parking drives automobility and harms us along the way

As the province undertakes climate change consultations, the Pokémon Go craze and a story about a bike-using professional recycler should make us think twice about how parking provision and parking laws underpin a world engineered to isolate people from each other and the effects of our everyday actions.

Time-travelling: Abortion in Northern Ireland

Women in England, Scotland and Wales have had safe, publicly-funded abortion services for nearly 50 years now. Northern Ireland is also part of the United Kingdom. So why is abortion there still governed by Victorian legislation? And what does it mean for women who want to end a pregnancy?

Why I am still wearing a white poppy for Remembrance Day

The white poppy symbolizes grief for all victims of war, civilian as well as military, regardless of nationality. It also represents opposition to war and determination to work against the causes of war. Today it is relevant as ever in a Canada newly committed to humanitarianism and peacekeeping.

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