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How parking drives automobility and harms us along the way

As the province undertakes climate change consultations, the Pokémon Go craze and a story about a bike-using professional recycler should make us think twice about how parking provision and parking laws underpin a world engineered to isolate people from each other and the effects of our everyday actions.

Why I am still wearing a white poppy for Remembrance Day

The white poppy symbolizes grief for all victims of war, civilian as well as military, regardless of nationality. It also represents opposition to war and determination to work against the causes of war. Today it is relevant as ever in a Canada newly committed to humanitarianism and peacekeeping.

Barbaric culture talk

As politicians bid for votes in the last few days of a seemingly endless election campaign, it deserves to be asked: Is winning the best measure of leadership?

Learning from “leadgate”

Memorial University’s decision to close when faced with the possibility of lead in its drinking water was entirely sound. Now that the immediate risks have been addressed, what can MUN officials and the rest of us learn from the apparent crisis?
Bike lanes on Canada Drive in St. John's, circa 2015.

Bike Lanes: Déjà-vu all over again

As municipalities across the country try to encourage active transportation, why does it still feel like bicycles are Public Enemy #1 in St. John’s? Robin Whitaker reflects on the latest attempt of some city councillors to weaken our barely-existent bicycle infrastructure.

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