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Andrew Furey Reneges on Transparency Commitment

Last month, the Independent published an investigation and interview with Liberal Leadership candidate Andrew Furey, about his experience as a director of three corporations—Alderon Iron Ore, Sequence Bio, and Canada Fluorspar. Each of those corporations have lobbied the government or have received loans from the government in recent years. The title of the piece, “On corporate ties, Furey has nothing to hide,” was inspired by the following exchange during our interview. “The Indy: So these [corporate director] positions, I assume were a pretty significant source of income for you in recent years? And you’ve omitted them from your public profile on your website. Can you explain why? Furey: Well, by Sequence Bio, there was no income generated from that. I would be happy to disclose the income from others. Of course Alderon would be publicly visible as it was a publicly-traded company. I’d have to look, but I would be… Keep Reading


Learning How to Speak

When I moved to St. John’s I got work at a call center. Sometimes, on the other end of the line I’d hear “I’m not talking to a Newfie,” and then a dialtone. Keep Reading

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