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Hate the budget? Time to get some chickens

The recent provincial budget reaches deep into the pockets of every citizen of our province. One way to combat ‘the age of austerity’ is to take steps towards self-sufficiency, just like our grandparents did when times were tough.

The Cost of Convenience

We spent a year going without the dishwasher, microwave, electric heating, and laundry machines to find out what our power consumption habits were costing us. Now we’d never go back to using them.

The apples of my eye

Fall is a forager’s delight, with apples ripe for the picking throughout the province — scattered near trails, alongside rivers, in schoolyards and parking lots. You can stockpile them, but then what?

Why local?

‘Eat local’ has become a bit of a buzzword over the past few years here in Newfoundland, yet we still import over 90 per cent of our fresh fruit and vegetables. Here’s why local food is so important.

The bats in my attic

Living with bats was not something I ever expected in life, but after finding a colony in my cabin attic and learning about them, I quickly became a convert. Now, I eagerly watch each night as our own little anti-insect armada takes flight over the yard.

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