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Politically Speaking addresses political issues in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Please don’t take us for fools

With election campaigns officially and unofficially in full swing, voters are bearing witness to a multitude of promises from politicians. We’re also seeing a rising number of disingenuous statements, some bordering on the laughable.

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When the party’s over

In an era of never before seen wealth, they mismanaged our coffers and squandered our nest egg of oil revenues. Now the PC Government is deferring needed social infrastructure because, they say, we have no money.

Hoping they mean it

Given the federal and provincial elections upon us, politicians’ appearances at community events like the St. John’s Pride Parade are inevitable. But is it sincere, and not just for good public relations and votes?

The orange wave swells again

With mere months to go until the federal and provincial elections, the New Democratic Party is enjoying a resurgence at both levels. Can they maintain, and even strengthen, their momentum in the weeks and months until voters go to the polls?

A plague on both sides of the House

A preoccupation with political point-scoring seems to rule our politicians’ better judgment when it comes to governing and to offering an effective opposition in this province, and it has impacted both our social needs and our very democracy.

Selling the budget or themselves?

In claiming it is educating the public and reporting the “good news” provincial media are not, the Davis Government is looking mighty Harperesque in promoting its budget with public tax dollars in the lead-up to a provincial election.

The Liberals have failed us on Bill C-51

Many Canadians, including Liberal Party supporters, are disgruntled over the Liberal Party of Canada’s support for the Harper Government’s controversial anti-terrorism legislation, which has them questioning whether the once presumptive future government is really any different from the Conservatives.

Our squandered pride and prosperity

After reaping upward of $20 billion in offshore oil revenues in a decade, we have little to show for government’s reckless spending. After years of great promises wrapped in fierce pride, the PCs have placed us in worse fiscal straits than before they took office.

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